Oset 12.5 Racing 2016

The OSET 12.5 Racing reaches new heights of performance for 2-5 year old riders! The ‘Racing’ version includes features never before seen on such a small bike. A frame based on the larger OSET models, disc brakes, adjustable suspension, a 600w OSET motor and ‘2 dial’ controller to create a better experience for riders and parents. The previous OSET 12.5 was a world wide hit, and this bike is an improvement in almost every way!

The OSET 12.5 Racing is a high specification bike that can grow with the rider. Like the 12.5 Eco, this bike can be used by children who have never ridden before, and can grow with the child as they venture into more challenging riding terrain. This is a high specification starter bike, capable of getting children off to the best possible start. OSETs are known for their high resale value, and we expect this new version to be no different.

The OSET 12.5 Racing features a host of high end components. Disc brakes front and rear, alloy wheels, hubs, bars and pegs, and high grade adjustable suspension. It’s easier to learn to ride than a bicycle, but capable of taking first steps into competition.
For 2016, improvements include higher level motor sealing, a new ‘map’ which provides smoother acceleration and deceleration, and stunning new graphics that match the new range of OSET riding gear.

Safety features are paramount. On on/off handlebar switch is easily operated by the rider, while the separate key switch is easily removable by the parent when it’s time to take a break! The OSET controller has been designed for our exclusive ‘2 dial’ system, which allows parents to easily adjust the characteristics of the bike. By simply removing the rubber bung in the ‘tank’ area, the responsible adult can adjust the speed and response of the bike. It can be set from a very mellow machine at walking pace and low power, all the way up to maximum power for more experienced riders. For those learning to ride, the throttle response can be set so the reaction of the bike to throttle openings is softened.

The 12.5 Racing is truly a machine to put a smile on the face of children and adults alike. This bike raises the bar for tiny motorcycles, and is so versatile it can suit anyone from first time riders, to highly experienced 5 year olds!

Technical Data:

Wheelbase 725mm (28.5″)
Seat Height 390mm (15″)
Ground clearance 152mm (6″)
Bar height 650mm (25.6″)
Wheels 12.5″ Alloy rims/hubs
Suspension Front telescopic, 40mm travel. Rear preload adjustable, oil dampened
Brakes Front 160mm disc, rear 140mm disc
Motor 600w 24v OSET neodymium magnet DC motor
Controller 24v OSET, adjustable for speed and response
Batteries 2 x 10ah AGM SLA
Charger 2 amp 24v
Age Range 2-5 years old
RRP £999
Oset 12.5 Racing 2016